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Why data storage is in desperate need of a revamp

ITProPortal recently chatted with Amlin chief technology officer Steve O'Donnell, who had plenty to tell us about big data and storage.

According to Steve, one of the most prevalent big data performance issues is the latency between the compute node and the storage node, however, if used correctly, flash can actually help to boost efficiency.

Steve also believes that the way we treat information today is not at all sustainable. Back in the days when storage was incredibly expensive, people used to delete obsolete data, and we need to start looking at that model again. The industry should also start thinking more about data compression and block- and file-level deduplication, in order to progress.

In short, data storage is in desperate need of reinvention.

Steve also offers some advice to small businesses and delivers a shout-out to WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 files. Old school.