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“Women Who Eat On Tubes” founder claims group removed from Facebook

Founder of infamous Facebook group "Women Who Eat on Tubes", Tony Burke, has claimed that the page has been removed from the social network.

Burke, a filmmaker who created the page where members post images of women eating on the London Underground, claimed that the group had been removed by Facebook on a BBC radio interview.

"As of this morning Facebook has taken the group down," Burke told Radio 4's Today programme, according to The Guardian. "We're talking about something posthumously."

He appeared on the show opposite Lucy Brisbane McKay, who is organising a protest against the group by picnicking on the Circle Line.

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Despite Burke's claims, a closed group with the same name, member size and admins as the original is still up on Facebook. A separate Tumblr blog also remains active, which Burke took credit for on the radio interview.

Brisbane Mckay, whose protest has around 300 attendees confirmed, said: ""I don't think women particularly want to be seen as wildlife eating on the tube."

"We don't want to be the subject of your art."

"Women Who Eat on Tubes" was founded in 2011 and saw its membership swell to over 20,000 in recent weeks after widespread attention in the media, both good and bad.

Critics have labelled the group as sinister, sexist and with an agenda to shame women who eat in public.