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Amazon set to take down Apple and Samsung with new "hologram" smartphone

Amazon, in a bid to make some ground on Apple and Samsung, will be releasing a smartphone in September 2014.

Rumours of an Amazon smartphone have been circulating for months, with the company quashing some and remaining elusively silent on others.

The tech giant will be taking its first tentative steps into a market which is characterised by its competitiveness. The new handset will be introduced in June before an autumn release, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Scant details and speculation have pointed towards a possible Amazon mobile offering including four front-facing cameras that track a user's gaze, enabling a glasses-free 3D experience. The 3D tech, which will in effect create images like a hologram, could be the unique selling point Amazon uses to propel itself into the market.

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With the success of the Kindle Fire in the tablet game, Amazon's appetite has obviously been whet for the task of facing up to the big boys in mobile, Apple and Samsung.

Amazon's dedicated app store has now grown to include 200,000 apps, too. The retail giant is courting developers to join its broadening hardware portfolio, which now includes Fire TV video streaming and a gaming controller periphery.

The company has been silent on confirming or denying this new batch of rumours and speculation, but with continued success in its other ventures, the time might be right for Amazon to take the leap.