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Dropbox defends appointment of Condoleezza Rice to board of directors

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston has come out in defence of the appointment of Condoleezza Rice to the firm’s board of directors and promised to uphold the integrity of the service’s privacy.

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Rice’s appointment, which was slipped out late last week, has seen the firm come in for a barrage of criticism and Houston felt the need to reiterate the firm’s commitment to consumer rights and the privacy of information.

“There’s nothing more important to us than keeping your stuff safe and secure. It’s why we’ve been fighting for transparency and government surveillance reform, and why we’ve been vocal and public with our principles and values,” Houston stated in a blog post.

Houston added that the firm he heads should have made it clearer that this was the case and “none of this is going to change” following the appointment of Dr. Rice to the board.

Opposition to Rice’s appointment had already reared its head through a “Drop Dropbox” campaign that has spawned a successful hashtag as well as a website that details the reasons that Rice isn’t a good fit for the board at Dropbox.

The site states that she helped start the Iraq War as the chief reason as well as the way she assisted in creating the Bush administration’s torture program. More worrying will be the fact that she supports warrantless wiretaps and personally authorised several of them.

Dropbox, meanwhile, doesn’t sound like it will go back on the appointment and again championed Rice’s “experience and insight into international markets and the dynamics that define them.”

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Rice’s appointment is an important one in this sense as Dropbox has struggled to gain a foothold in certain countries and her nous will be a much-needed advantage when aiming for growth in other territories.