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More buzz points to supersized 12in Apple iPad and larger iPhone 6

There's been more buzz on the grapevine about a supersized iPad, and an iPhone phablet, again from suppliers in the component chain over in Asia.

The latest is a report (spotted by C-net) from the China Business News (Yicai) which talks to a manager at a Taiwan-based mould maker who says that Apple is set to launch a 12in tablet. This info was further confirmed by news service Brightwire, which cited sources at a components exhibition over in China.

We've heard about the large iPad (or "iPad Pro") before, of course, courtesy of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, although he had it pitched at a 13in size (well, 12.9in anyway). He also wasn't sure whether it would make this year's line-up – but as the mould making process is set to begin in the next few weeks, maybe we will see a new iPad in 2014.

And the same sources also talked about the iPhone 6 phablet, stating that Apple would be producing models with 4.7in and 5.5in displays, a long-standing rumour – and there will also be a new 4in model (perhaps an iPhone 6C or equivalent, except this time with an actually noticeable drop in price?).

The next-gen iPhone will be extremely thin at 5.8mm, going by the plastic mould which China Business News claims to have seen. That would be impressively svelte to say the least...