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San Francisco journalist attacked for wearing Google Glass

A reporter in San Francisco has told of how he was assaulted in the city's Mission District just because he was wearing Google Glass.

Kyle Russell, of Business Insider, had the eyewear torn from his face as he walked to a local subway station. The assailant, according to Russell, shouted "Glass!" before ripping it from his reporter's face and sprinting away.

Though Russell gave chase he couldn't catch the thief, who smashed the Google wearable on the pavement before escaping.

Protests against tech companies have been increasingly common in the San Francisco area. The luxury Google employee buses and skyrocketing rents in the city have become symbols for these encroachments.

Recently, a new flare-up occurred when a Google lawyer evicted all of the tenants living in his apartment complex in order to take ownership of the building.

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In February 2014 another user of Google Glass claimed that she was assaulted at a bar for having worn the device.

"The individual who smashed my Google Glass on Friday — because of political beliefs or a personal impact that has been made by the tech industry," said Russell. "[They] felt that it was appropriate to destroy my personal property in protest against what I seemed to stand for based on my appearance."

When asked on Twitter whether or not he would be getting a replacement device, the reporter admitted that Google had reached out to him about it.

As to how many more of these assaults might occur, down only to a person's tech preference, we can only wait and see.