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Addressing new business analytics challenges — when the IBM zEnterprise really makes sense

Putting aside the issue of affordability, wouldn't it be nice if we could have an automobile, more generically a moto vehicle, for every day of the week, or for every occasion. On pleasent sunny days when the daily cares of everyday life can be put aside, it might be nice to have a two-seat roadster with a sonorous exhaust note that loves curves and to explore the countryside.

The point is that each of these examples might be considered to be too specialized and, thus, each is, in some ways, a compromise. What you really may want is a vehicle that does many things very well and offers few compromises.

As IT professionals, we have to deal with this issue repeatedly. Should we have a separate and unique server platform for each application class web serving, online transactions, enterprise database repository, business analytics, high-performance computing, etc.? Or do we endeavor to force-fit all workloads onto a single server class, thus possibly accepting compromises in performance, manageability, security, and flexibility, and maybe even cost, to name a few. To examine this issue, let's take a look at the "next big thing" – mission-critical business analytics. (Cloud computing may have come to mind first, but this concept already is a reality.)

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