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Flappy Mayor app blunders onto the iPhone

Forget Flappy Bird (what do you mean you already had)? What you really need to spice up your mobile gaming life is Flappy Mayor. Or maybe not...

At any rate, we have to give kudos to the developer of this particular Flappy-bandwagon-jumping iOS app, if only for the concept – the mad-haired, loveable (or detestable, personal preference depending) buffoon Boris, doing what he does best, namely wildly flapping around.

Developer James Wise (of Pranadev, based in London) has some simple instructions for the game: "TAP TAP TAP TAP to make the mayor flap around a lot! (Like his day job)."

"Flappy Mayor is a silly game," the developer also admits.

Basically, you tap to guide the mayor between tubes – not pipes, we want the "underground" connection here – avoiding them and ex-trade union leader Bob Crow (who has now passed on), whose face is stuck on the end of said pipes. Tubes, we meant...

Oh yeah, and there's a background of London, and a little tube train underneath. There's got to be a good ten seconds of entertainment here, surely.

Anyhow, the idea is an amusing one, even if the amount of ads the game pushes on the player isn't, according to the only review in the App Store, which notes: "No game here, just layer after layer of adverts."