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Google Play Store revenue increase in UK and US help it play catch up

Google Play Store revenue is catching up on Apple’s equivalent App Store thanks to increasing revenue across the US and UK markets.

The App Annie Index market report for Q1 2014 showed that Google Play Store worldwide downloads are now outstripping Apple by about 45 per cent thanks to growth in emerging markets – Turkey and Mexico in particular.

Unfortunately for Google this doesn’t translate to revenue and Apple’s App Store still makes 85 per cent more revenue than Google through apps but the gap is narrowing and it owes a debt of thanks to the UK market where revenue has risen by 35 per cent compared to the previous quarter. It has meant that the UK is now fifth worldwide when it comes to Play Store revenue and fourth overall in terms of Apple App Store revenue.

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The United States saw a similar significant shift in app store revenue as the Google Play Store reported a 55 per cent increase in revenue compared to the previous quarter. It resulted in the US climbing to second place when it came to Google Play Store revenue as it outpaced South Korea for the first time and it now only lies behind Japan in this respect.

Apple, meanwhile, has been carving out a reputation in China where revenue from its App Store was up 70 per cent in Q1 2014 compared to the previous quarter and it follows a deal it completed in January to offer its iPhones to users on the country’s largest network, China Mobile.

Games continue to lead when it comes to revenue and downloads on both stores, though messaging apps is one area that saw huge growth due to the fact that the category was constantly in the news due to acquisitions at both WhatsApp and Viber.