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Mobile app of the day: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a popular tool for making surveys that can be completed through a web browser. It has lots of uses beyond the purely business based, and it generates a strong range of charts, graphs and analytics based on responses. You access it via the web at

A new iPhone app – and it is iPhone only at present – lets you design surveys on the fly and analyse the results that come flooding in. With a SurveyMonkey account you can, of course, log in and keep an eye on all the different surveys you might have on the go. If you are working on a new survey that's not quite ready to unleash on the public yet, you can tweak and edit it from the iPhone, doing the work while you are on the move or when inspiration strikes.

The free version of the app has some limitations. You'll need to stump up some cash for access to unlimited questions and responses, the ability to add a company logo, and access to pro templates and priority customer support. But nonetheless the free version has its uses – and there are plenty of them.

Click here to download SurveyMonkey for iOS.

Product: SurveyMonkey

OS: iPhone

Price: Free