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Oracle eyes easier cloud management with new database services

Oracle has revealed some new cloud-based services to aid in the movement of data and applications between infrastructure and the cloud.

Its new Oracle Database Backup Service provides consumers with a relatively low-cost backup service that can form part of a company's existing backup and recovery plans.

The Backup Service will also combine with Oracle's already-existing Recovery Manager. This means, according to Oracle, that a firm's employees already familiar with the interface and commands of Recovery Manager will be able to "seamlessly" transition to using the new Backup Service.

Oracle Storage Cloud, the second of the two new services, will aim to provide secure object storage in the cloud.

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The aim will be to help enterprises to store, access, sort and manage data within the cloud without needing to store backups and archives. This will in turn, Oracle hopes, cut the costs for businesses and aid in streamlining data management.

"There is also a huge push to migrate existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud and support portability between on-premises and cloud environments," said Chris Pinkham, senior vice president of Product Development at Oracle, according to Cloud Pro.

"The new services are based on open standards, integrated to work together seamlessly, and designed to support full portability between on-premises and cloud environments."

Both new services are available immediately on a subscription basis from Oracle.