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82% of UK smartphone owners stop using apps due to data worries

Almost all UK smartphone owners worry about the impact that mobile apps have on the monthly data limit defined by their plan and have gone out of the way to stop using an app as a result.

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A consumer survey by Citrix worked out that 82 per cent of subscribers will stop using a mobile app due to worries about the data limit being exceeded and the research also showed that parents use more data than those without kids.

The results of the survey reported that 72 per cent of parents exceeded monthly limits on a regular basis whereas just 46 per cent of those that don’t have kids were in the same boat.

59 per cent stated that surfing the Internet was the main reason for exceeding the quotas on data, 48 per cent said videos and 44 per cent admitted that playing games was why data limits were exceeded.

When it came to different devices, 65 per cent of iPhone users avoided apps due to concerns over data usage whereas just 48 per cent of Android users did the same.

Networks could address this by providing sponsored data plans with 71 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women stating that they would use more data if a sponsored data plan was in place.

Sponsored data plans would also have a positive effect on games and music subscription services and the survey found that currently the average mobile music subscriber listens to 60 minutes of music per day.

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When it comes to games, 68 per cent of mobile gamers said they are “slightly addicted” to at least one mobile game and among parents [79 per cent] showed a higher level of addiction than those without children [55 per cent].