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New leaked Apple iPhone 6 photos reveal production blueprints displaying 4.7 inch screen

They're not photo realistic images promising detailed insights into the look and feel of the heavily anticipated iPhone 6, but blueprints believed to be part of the creation process for Apple's newest flagship smartphone have surfaced online.

The pictures of the plans and moulds were posted on the Chinese networking site Weibo, and appear to detail the production methods and dimensions of a phablet sized iPhone.

Illustrating a device measuring 4.7in, the Telegraph reports that the images were sourced from a Foxconn factory in China. Critically, Foxconn has been confirmed as one of the companies employed by Apple to manufacture its iPhone range.

Taking a closer look at the plans, they reveal a device design remarkably similar to Apple's existing smartphone lineup. The chassis with its curved edge seems virtually identical to older models and includes the home button embedded with a fingerprint sensor.

The only crucial difference is the size itself. If Apple is indeed manufacturing a smartphone that's 0.7in larger than the current iPhone 5S, it would confirm months of rumour and speculation of a supersized offering. A recent report by Nikkei even claimed that the iPhone 6 will come not only in a 4.7in model, but a gargantuan 5.5in guise as well.

Customers who enjoy substituting their tea trays with smartphones will be pleased at the news, but for us 5.5in sounds a little unwieldly for a manufacturer famed for sleek, elegant designs (what do you think? Take our poll below and let us know.) Regardless, a larger display would encroach upon a space that has previously been dominated by Samsung's Galaxy range of phablet handsets.

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