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IBM shores up SoftLayer with disaster recovery services

IBM is adding to its SoftLayer platform by introducing extra security and disaster recovery services, hoping to allay fears about critical data loss in the cloud.

According to the company, the new services should help businesses recover from any disaster that severely threatens the integrity of their data.

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Results from a 2013 survey, said Big Blue, have shown that 70 per cent of chief information security officers are concerned about cloud and mobile security. As such, IBM appears to be making steps to reassure customers that their data is safe in its hands.

Customers using SoftLayer will be able to tap into IBM's Cloud Virtualised Server Recovery service, which stores virtual copies of critical apps and data within the cloud in the event of a catastrophic loss (opens in new tab). This is assured to users whether they run the apps on SoftLayer, their own private cloud or on-premise.

"The ability to respond quickly in business is essential, with analysts estimating that every hour of downtime can cost a business upwards of tens of thousands of dollars," the company stated in a press release (opens in new tab).

IBM has also revealed that it will be opening two new cloud-based resiliency centres in Raleigh, North Carolina and Mumbai, India. These join more than 150 other centres around the world.

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"Now more customers can benefit from IBM's security operations and intelligence analysts who will help identify threats often before they are known by the world at large" added Big Blue.

The firm will be offering additional security features for SoftLayer customer later in the year, including enhanced DDoS protection, Web and email protection.