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Mobile app of the day: Notability

I'm a bit of a sucker for note-taking apps. It can be difficult for an information gannet like myself to avoid grabbing bits of this and that from all over the place and inevitably my phone has to play its part. Consequently I am always trying out new note-taking apps. For the iPhone user with similar gannet-like qualities, Notability could be one to download.

You can use Notability to make handwritten notes and annotate photos, or to draw diagrams and so forth on the screen, or to type out text – all just like other notes apps. But people who have to attend business meetings, students and even journalists could love Notability because it ties handwritten notes into audio recordings. You can jump to a spot in an audio file by tapping a particular spot in a note. Now clearly that won't be useful to everyone, but to some people it will be invaluable.

And there's more. You can import PDF documents and mark those up – something that I find really useful. And there's one other added feature that some people will love: Audio recordings can be played back at different speeds making transcribing easy.

Click here to download Notability for iOS.

Product: Notability


Price: £1.99