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Samsung Galaxy S5 opening weekend breaks sales records

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has broken sales records after a frantic opening weekend of sales at one of the UK’s largest mobile phone retailers.

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The device entered Carphone Warehouse’s own Guinness World Records book by selling 150 per cent more units than the Samsung Galaxy S4 did over its launch weekend and the trend doesn’t look like abating.

“Along with the brilliant sales, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has also had some of the biggest pre-order numbers ever, so we weren’t surprised to see the Samsung fans out in full force this weekend. S4 sales at launch last year were not easy to beat but the S5 has smashed them so far and it will be interesting to see if this continues over the coming months,” stated a spokesperson from the retailer.

The retailer added that most of those choosing to buy the device did so in with the 4G capabilities in mind, 95 per cent of customers deciding to take out a contract of that nature.

“The new smartphone has been designed to be used all the time and synchronize seamlessly across all aspects of a customer’s life. Having access to high speed internet wherever you are is part of this, so it’s no wonder that getting a 4G contract has been essential for most of the customers buying the new handset,” stated the company spokesperson.

Samsung’s latest top of the range smartphone was released towards the end of last week and retailers across the world had already expected it to be one of the largest smartphone releases ever.

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