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iTunes Radio: Ad agency hints at imminent UK launch

iTunes Radio is on the way to the UK after tweets appeared to indicate that the head of Apple’s advertising arm is already in talks with various European ad agencies.

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A report on Expert Reviews carried a tweet from a member of the OMD media agency that stated Paul Wright, director for iAd in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, spoke to them about iAd and iTunes Radio thus sparking talk that the platform isn’t far away.

“Great to see @paulwright66 back at @OMD_UK to take us through Apple's iAd and iTunes Radio - can't wait for that to hit UK!” tweeted OMD’s UK head of marketing Hannah Allen.

It would suggest that Wright has been doing the rounds at various ad agencies to explain how the iAd platform works in relation to iTunes Radio with a possible launch for the free streaming service in the coming weeks and months.

iTunes Radio was born around this time last year and takes the form of an ad-supported streaming service similar to Spotify’s own radio service and thus giving users little control over what is actually listened to.

It was launched in the US right off the bat and allows users to listen to over 200 stations and it has been introducing more options over time in order to successfully take on the likes of Pandora and Spotify.

Further to this, there have been rumours that Apple will also decide to release a music subscription service that will allow it to launch a full scale battle with market leader Spotify. A streaming product would allow users to play any music hosted in the iTunes Store for a monthly rate.

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The UK launch of iTunes Radio has been rumoured for some time and the tweet is the first semi-concrete news since Apple confirmed there would be a 2014 launch for the service.