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Mobile app of the day: Coursera

Have you ever felt like you would like to learn about maths, music, engineering, economics, business management or something else? Fancy finding a free course to help you? Download Coursera and you'll find hundreds of courses – more than six hundred in fact, spread over twenty subject areas – and all the courses are free. The courses are provided by well-known and highly regarded institutions – universities in most cases (and there are more than a hundred providers).

One of the great things about this kind of learning is that it moves at the pace you need it to. You can stream lectures or download them to view offline, and you can learn in short bursts. for example while you are travelling to and from work, or in little bits of "dead time" during the day. Course lengths vary, but none seem to be longer than about ten weeks. That sounds manageable. Was there ever a better reason to stop watching nonsense on TV and start exercising the old grey matter instead? The app is a development out of the website at

Click here to download Coursera for Android.

Product: Coursera

OS: Android

Price: Free