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Print your own Easter egg with Chocabyte

If some of us were amazed by the 3D printing of a wrench, some will be far more amazed at the 3D printing of chocolate.

Affordable technology now exists that allows users to print their own chocolate shapes. The Chocabyte 3D printer is 99 dollars (£59) and includes simple software to individualise chocolate creations.

It is uncertain whether one could create a classic full-size Easter egg with the Chocabyte though. Its 2x2x1in capacity is somewhat limiting in this regard. I personally can't envisage it producing an egg with a hollow centre, but any fans please do prove me wrong.

Cartridges cost 10 dollars (£6) for four and must be heated in the microwave before being loaded into the printer. Creations take less than ten minutes to form, which is probably quicker than a trip to a specialist chocolatier.

Initially limited to a run of 500, it remains to be seen if Chocabyte will be accepted by the masses, but with more commercially-oriented competitors like Chefjet coming in at the 5,000 dollar mark (£3,000), Chocabyte seems to be the most affordable option out there.

For many, the concept of printing one's own food will come as a revelation. Objects, fine, but I can safely say I'd never thought of food-printing before now. The prospect of printing a chocolate bar on a rainy Sunday night does sound better than trudging down to the shop though, so I think there's certainly mileage in this little machine.