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The best free security and encryption software

On the lookout for some great security software and encryption utilities, all for the rather tempting price of absolutely nothing? Then check out the small selection of highlights we have on offer here, which includes the likes of LastPass, My Lockbox, and Qustodio...

AxCrypt (Windows)

With open source AxCrypt installed, you can instantly encrypt and password protect individual files with a right click. You can then send the files to friends, who won't need AxCrypt as long as you give them the password for access.

Dashlane (Windows, Mac)

Dashlane is a top notch password manager which invents super-secure passwords for all your accounts, and fills in website forms for you. All of the data is encrypted, both on your drive and on the Internet, and only your personal master password will grant you access.

KeePass Password Safe (Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable)

Memorising passwords is a sucker's game. If you want them strong and secure, let an app like KeePass (or Dashlane, or our next entry, LastPass) create and store them for you. Then, all you need is a master password to get you on any website.

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile)

This is another option when it comes to a great password manager. LastPass manages passwords across all your computers, phones and browsers. It auto-fills forms, performs auto-logins, and secures your data, and again, it's all ruled by one master password.

My Lockbox (Windows)

The free My Lockbox creates one single lock-boxed folder on your computer that only you can access (but it's still protected by antivirus apps). If you want to password-protect more folders, it'll cost $25 (£15).

Qustodio (Windows)

When it comes to parental controls and Internet monitoring for Windows, Qustodio's real-time categorisation can instantly block a website with inappropriate content.

TrueCrypt (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Encrypt an entire hard drive, or just one partition, in real-time with TrueCrypt. Or you can use it to create a secured virtual disk that only you can access.