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Android leaps ahead of iOS in ad impressions for first time, makes small gains in ad revenue

Android has passed iOS for the first time when it comes to mobile ad traffic, figures showing that when it comes to the sheer volume of users there is little that comes close to Google’s mobile OS.

Opera Mediaworks’s latest quarterly mobile advertising report showed that Android claimed a larger part of the pie for the first time with 42.8 per cent of ad impressions compared to iOS’s 38.2 per cent of ad impressions.

It came after Android took the lead in the last quarter when it came to smartphone ad impressions but Apple still held the overall lead thanks to the fact that much of its ad impressions come from tablets and thus kept it ahead.

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Unfortunately for Google the figures from Opera Mediaworks confirm information given by other sources that show Apple is way out in front when it comes to ad revenues. Apple holds 52.27 per cent of the revenue share whereas Android lags behind on just 33.46 per cent despite making significant gains in the ad space.

When it comes to the breakdown by each Android device manufacturer, Samsung leads the way with 60.22 per cent of the ad impressions made on devices running the Google OS.

Samsung’s lead over its next nearest challenger, LG, is almost 50 per cent as it owns just 11.11 per cent of the ad impressions with Motorola in third on 5.73 per cent. A selection of “Others” account for 17.02 per cent whereas HTC [3.32 per cent] and ZTE [2.59 per cent] finish off the list given by the survey.

Android has closed the gap since January 2014 when Opera reported that iOS generated 55.7 per cent of the ad revenue whereas Android had just 31.73 per cent of the market. With that gap fast closing it won’t be long until those folks over at Google make Apple rotten to the core.