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European cloud providers hit hard by cyber attacks

Growing cloud adoption among European enterprises is causing the amount of cyber attacks to mushroom with figures showing that Europe is the worst continent when it comes to the number of attacks against cloud infrastructures.

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Data from Alert Logic’s Spring 2014 Cloud Security Report showed a “significant increase” in the frequency of strikes against cloud and on-premises environments, with two types of attack in particular seeing an increase.

"As more enterprise workloads have moved into cloud and hosted infrastructures, some traditional on-premises threats have followed them. This reinforces the necessity for enterprise-grade security solutions specifically designed to protect cloud environments,” said Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic.

The numbers show that brute force attacks affected 44 per cent of customers compared to 30 per cent last year whereas vulnerability scans are up from 27 per cent to 44 per cent this year.

Alert Logic, a security-as-a-service solution provider, also deployed ‘honeypots’ in public cloud infrastructures in order to try to ascertain the type of attack and how frequent they are across the globe.

From the deployments it found that the highest volume of attacks happened in Europe where there were four times as many attacks as in the US. The devices also found that 14 per cent of the malware that was collected using the honeypots was “undetectable” by 51 of the world’s top antivirus vendors.

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Alert Logic’s data was drawn from a customer base of 2,200 companies and was taken between 1 April and 30 September 2013. It looked at over a billion security events and the report as a whole evaluated incident occurrence, incident frequency and threat diversity across six security incident categories.