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LG G Watch will be water and dust resistant, and come in champagne gold

Keen on smartwatches? Then you've probably been following Android Wear devices quite closely – and LG has just made some revelations concerning its upcoming offering.

The LG G Watch is set to come in black – we already knew that from the initial images which accompanied the big Android Wear announcements last month – but it's also going to be available in a champagne gold trim, accompanied with a white strap.

As you can see from the above image, there's not a lot of gold about with this alternate colour, but it's certainly something different and brighter for those who don't like the all-black look.

The smartwatch is also going to be water and dust resistant, so you can use it for outdoor activities and not worry about it getting splashed and potentially ruined.

The company also notes that the screen is always-on (hopefully that won't affect the longevity of the battery too much – these watches need to last a long time, ideally, between charges), and that the device will be up for "Ok Google" questioning, as seen on Android phones already.

Take a peep at the new LG G Watch website for further pics and details.

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