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Mobile app of the day: Javelin Browser

I can hear you sighing at the thought of installing another web browser on your Android handset – but just forget that sigh for a moment and read on. Javelin is designed specifically for mobiles, and one thing this means is a focus on gesture-based use. You sweep to get to bookmarks, to switch between tabs and to close tabs, and you tap and hold to preview what's in different tabs.

There's also built in ad blocking, which means screens load faster and there's more space devoted to what you really want to see. Furthermore, Javelin has a reading mode that will give you just the main content of a web page, and you can change the font size to make reading as comfy as possible.

Now, sometimes you might want a fuller web experience, a more desktop-like experience, and then other browsers fit the bill – but not always. The basic free version of Javelin has some limitations, for example you're restricted to only 10 tabs and a pre-set home page. The pro version costs $2.99 (£1.80) and removes these restrictions. There's also a paid-for Spirit mode which uses a VPN for private browsing at $1.99 (£1.20) per month.

Click here to download Javelin Browser for Android.

Product: Javelin Browser

OS: Android

Price: Free