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Apple takes 55% of UK impressions, bucks Android’s global lead

Mobile owners in the UK are twice as likely to look at advertising within mobile apps than anywhere else in the globe as iOS continues to show its strength in traditional Western economies.

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The figures, which came as part of a study undertaken by Opera Mediaworks, showed that 72 per cent of the UK’s mobile ad impressions come from apps whereas globally the number sits at just 31 per cent.

“The picture of the U.K. that this report paints is clear – it’s a relatively wealthy, discerning, news-addicted market with strong mobile networks that support rich media advertising. The data shows that the U.K. is outperforming significantly when it comes to mobile ads, which is something that brands and agencies should take into account when it comes to planning campaigns,” said Mark Slade, EMEA MD at Opera Mediaworks.

iOS is also a clear leader when it comes to UK mobile ad traffic with 55 per cent of the total impressions compared to just 38.7 per cent on a global basis, and rich in-app advertising is something that companies targeting the UK must be focusing on.

“The dominance of apps, and in particular iOS over Android, show that in-app advertising is a must in the U.K. market. As well as offering a greater penetration of the U.K. audience, it also offers a range of advanced rich media formats and targeting options,” Slade added.

BlackBerry still performs surprisingly well in the UK market with 16 per cent of the overall ad impressions compared to a pitiful 1.14 per cent on a global basis. Ads featuring video also perform well in the UK with 30 per cent of the country’s rich mobile ads featuring videos compared to just 2.5 per cent worldwide.

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Opera Mediaworks came to its figures based on 65 billion impressions from 14,000 mobile websites and apps, and the UK study is part of a larger report entitled the “State of Mobile Advertising” that examines the market globally.