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First glimpse of the next Call of Duty game is revealed

This year's Call of Duty offering is still a long way off, but we've seen the first glimpse of an actual screenshot of the game – feast your peepers on it above.

The shot was revealed by developer Sledgehammer Games at the Game Developers Conference 2014, and it shows a close-up of a soldier's face, as you can see.

No, it isn't a hugely exciting pic by any means, but the level of detail is something of an eye opener – particularly the skin texture, and little touches like stubble. In fact, it looks like a cut-scene render, but IGN reports that this is indeed supposed to be an actual in-game character.

Little is known about 2014's instalment of Call of Duty at this point, but one thing that's certain is that the game is being developed primarily for the Xbox One and PS4 – the current consoles (and PCs) as opposed to the Xbox 360 and PS3. So a leap in graphical quality is a given, really – though whether it will be as much of a leap as this first glimpse indicates is dubious.

The new consoles aren't that powerful, after all – but a contemporary high-end PC with a top flight graphics card, on the other hand...

Anyway, time will tell, but whether the visuals are high-res wonders or the equivalent of crayon scribblings, Activision is still guaranteed another monster seller.

Image Credit: IGN