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Hitachi seeks to solve IT vs. Management feud with new product lineup

ITProPortal had a front row seat today in Amsterdam for the launch of a new quadrumvirate of technologies designed to unite the age old feud between the IT department and the boardroom, courtesy of Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).

Christened "Continuous Cloud Infrastructure," these products aim to boost IT efficiency by embracing responsive, software rich architecture that respond to changing needs without requiring a business to disrupt or redesign their current technologies. In short, by implementing this Continuous Cloud Infrastructure HDS claims businesses will build an "agile" environment for next-generation data-centres.

So what has launched? First up is the Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS). This, HDS argues, is what will give the IT sector the ability to respond to business's flexible and ever changing demands. It's a storage operating system that provides a common software architecture that should double the useful life of hardware architectures with automated tiering and non-disruptive data migration.

Most significantly it promises a new native global active device feature that will provide multi-system capabilities without the need for an appliance – which would be an industry first.

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However, whilst software is becoming the mainstay of the technology sector, hardware is still important and HDS has thus introduced the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000. On the technical side, it can scale block-storage throughput performance of well over 3M IOPS, over 48GB/sec of usable bandwidth and NFS ops/sec performance of over 1.2M in unified configurations.

In layman terms, that basically means that the G1000 is a new, more flexible infrastructure designed to support any business hoping to launch multiple applications and manage vast amounts of data.

On top of this, the folks at Hitachi have been busy bees and pumped out a new version of the Hitachi Command Suite management platform, plus some enhancements to its Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged computing offerings.

These updates and new products have been designed, HDS claims, to provide the foundation of an IT system – or "Continuous Cloud Infrastructure" - that can react and adapt to continually changing business needs without causing disruption.

"Our customers across industries have told us that to keep up with the frenetic pace of business they are aligning the IT and business functions more closely than ever," said Brian Householder, COO, Hitachi Data Systems. "In order to execute in this business defined world, IT teams are looking to new infrastructure strategies to deploy more continuous, adaptable and scalable infrastructure. Businesses need solutions that don't require constant and disruptive changes to the technology they support. And that is what we are delivering today."