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Mobile app of the day: RingGo

You drive, you park, you go to pay. You realise you don't have the coins. You can't pay. You can't park. Oh dear.

There is a way round this problem and that is to install RingGo, which lets you pay for parking using a debit or credit card rather than, you know, actual money. It's a pretty simple idea, and widely supported. The payment system can be used at 4,000 parking sites across the UK. It is recognised by more than 60 local authorities, 10 railway operators and plenty of private parking operators including NCP. Of course, RingGo isn't supported everywhere, but where it is supported, you can take advantage.

The app allows you to pay for parking and top up, and will even help you before you get to the parking bit, by identifying nearby or recently used car parking.

Click here to download RingGo for iOS, or here for Android, or here for Windows Phone.

Product: RingGo

OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Price: Free