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Nest Learning Thermostat goes on sale on Google Play Store

The Nest Learning Thermostat is now on sale for £179 in the Google Play store.

As an added buying incentive for Earth Day, Nest promises to plant a tree for each thermostat sold today via the Google store.

Its companion — the Nest Protect smoke alarm — is not currently on sale due to an internal safety inspection. There is no word on whether the alarm will also hit the Play store once its sales resume.

To date, the Learning Thermostat is the only product selling through the Apple and Google stores, TechCrunch pointed out. Available for same price across all platforms, the device can also be purchased via and Amazon, as well as local retailers in the US, Canada, and most recently, the UK.

Currently in stock, the Nest Learning Thermostat is expected to leave the Google warehouse within two business days, and arrive at your door, ready to help save energy and money.

"In honor of Earth Day, we're excited to announce that we've crunched the numbers and come to a pretty amazing conclusion: for the majority of our customers, the Nest Thermostat can become carbon neutral in just eight weeks," Nest's Yoky Matsuoka said in a blog post. "For some customers, it can take as little as two weeks."

Just as its name indicates, Nest's thermostat learns your behaviors over the span of a couple of weeks, and starts adjusting the heat and air conditioning when you leave the house, or at certain times of the day.

"We are incredibly proud of the positive impact Nest has had so far, but our work isn't done. We're also setting a new goal for ourselves," Matsuoka wrote. "By next Earth Day, we hope Nest Thermostat schedules around the world can save the energy equal to the annual amount of CO2 absorbed by a forest 50 times the size of Manhattan.

"But together we think we can reach that goal and make next year's Earth Day all the greener," she continued.

In January, Google spent $3.2 billion (£2.6 billion) to acquire Nest Labs.