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Twitter users start moving to Facebook-esque profiles

Twitter’s sparkly new makeover is finally complete with users able to benefit from the redesigned profile pages with a new look that will ruffle a few feathers in the vast social networking schoolyard.

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Users can enable the new setting right way and it will mean that profile pages look more akin to something found on Facebook or Google+ than ever before.

Immediately users will notice that there are now five tabs at the top of the page that are titled Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, and Favorites as well as the More tab that pulls up the service’s popular List feature.

One of the new features is the ability to “Pin” a Tweet to the top of the profile page to make sure as many of your followers see it as possible and even allow prospective followers to see what the user is all about in 160 characters.

It all means that the classic vertical chronological timeline that has for years been the lifeblood of a Twitter profile is gone and will now only be a major part of the main Twitter timeline.

Twitter has also changed the large photos that adorn the top of the profile so that they now take up the width of the screen and as such are similar to the cover photo that is present on Facebook. The profile picture is also much large than it was before and both are easily customisable with help concerning sizes available when changing to the new profile.

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The changes, which were originally announced back in February, were at the time called a mish-mash of Facebook and Pinterest by some and the official roll out shows that it isn’t far away from an amalgamation of those two services.