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Could the iPhone 6 have a curved display?

There's been more on the iPhone 6 rumour front today, with the latest suggestion coming straight out of left-field – namely that the next-gen Apple smartphone will have a curved display set inside a chassis with rounded edges.

That would be something of a major departure for Cupertino, which generally likes to change little about the core design aspects of the iPhone (even last year's small increase in screen size was a major deal).

This particular report comes from Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via Apple Insider), which cites the usual trusted source who reckons the iPhone 6 will have rounded edges, and a slightly curved screen just at the edges, to ensure that it sits flush with the new chassis (in other words, this isn't going to be a curved screen along the lines of the LG G Flex – it'll be a minor effect).

The report also says that Apple is going to ditch the twin glass antenna windows on the rear of the latest iPhone models.

We've heard plenty about the next iPhone coming with a 4.7in display, and even a 5.5in phablet version as well – so this move could potentially be due to Apple wanting to keep its devices as comfortable to hold in the hand as possible, while upping the size.

We're not hugely convinced on this one ourselves, though; not just yet.