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Google lashes out at rival Apple by funding Samsung in legal patent battle

The ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung has roped in another major player: Google.

Apple and Samsung are currently facing off against one another in a California courtroom. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a deposition from Google lawyer James Maccoun was on the agenda Tuesday, in which he confirmed offering to pay some of Samsung's legal costs and damages if the Korean tech company loses to Cupertino.

Exact numbers were not discussed, but Apple wants $2.2 billion (£1.3 billion) from Samsung for patent infringement, while Samsung's countersuit seeks $7 million (£4.1 million) from Apple, the Journal said.

The infringing gadgets in question run Google's Android operating system, while four of the five patents in question relate to the mobile OS, the paper pointed out.

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Samsung declined to comment on the revelation, while Apple did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Apple called for Maccoun's testimony in an effort to catch Samsung in a lie, the Journal said. In September 2012, Samsung said it was not seeking indemnification from Google, so in court, Apple produced April 2012 emails from Maccoun that said it did.

The suit dates back to 2011, when Apple fired the first shot at Samsung. In August 2012, Cupertino was awarded $1.05 billion (£624 million) by a California jury, a sum that was later reduced to about $900 million (£535 million).

Now, both companies have returned to the same California court to fight over newer gadgets after failed attempts to negotiate a settlement.