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HP upgrades enterprise-grade storage array to decrease cost of ownership

HP has released a new enterprise-grade storage disk array that gives customers a lower total cost of ownership for traditional storage workloads in mission-critical environments.

The XP7 Storage System gives three times as much performance when compared to the previous generation of the same product and includes always-on disaster recovery, reduced data and business risk, and protection for storage investments.

“Today’s mission-critical workloads cannot afford to forfeit performance or scalability for increased disaster recovery and data protection,” said David Scott, senior vice president and general manager, HP Storage. “With the introduction of HP XP7 Storage, we are supplying customers with a single system that is highly efficient, with features that can reduce the risk of data loss and provide nonstop data availability.”

The solution offers unmatched disaster recovery through a new capability that has multi-array virtualisation to safeguard against business disruption during or after online data migrations without measurable performance impacts.

It achieves a lower total cost of ownership by virtue of the fact that it can bring more I/O per second to the table than any of its competitors and in the process decreases data centre floor space requirements and energy costs without being detrimental to performance levels.

HP XP7 Storage also allows data to be managed more securely through a number of features including new user authentication and access control functions as well as increased administrative and resource segregation.

Lastly it provides new data protection features that can help to prevent data corruption and loss whilst conforming to government security rules and regulations.

It’s planned that HP will release the XP7 Storage array in May 2014 and prices will start off at $462,000 [£275,000].