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HTC One M8 relies on loyal customers to boost upgrades

Almost half of all HTC One M8 owners upgraded from an existing HTC handset as a new survey showed that the company’s brand loyalty in the UK remains solid.

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Figures published by CompareMyMobile illustrated that 46.18 per cent of HTC One M8 upgraders swapped it for an old HTC handset with 13.24 per cent of them choosing to trade in an old HTC One handset to snap up the new device.

“It’s great to see how loyal the HTC owners have been, particularly owners of the HTC One. The last month since the release of the HTC M8 the mobile phone recycling site has seen a steady stream of HTC trade-ins upgrading to the newer device,” said Ashley Turner, cofounder of CompareMyMobile.

The release of the HTC One M8 has seen a significant spike in the number of HTC trade-ins with a 20 per cent increase over the past month putting it in third place with 10.02 per cent, behind just Samsung and Apple.

Most of those trade ins were the HTC One, which saw a 129 per cent uplift in trade in numbers, with the HTC One Mini seeing an increase of 88.89 per cent and the HTC One X showing 175 per cent more trade ins than before.

When it comes to other brands, 45.03 per cent traded in either an Apple or Samsung smartphone to acquire the HTC One M8 – 23.74 per cent trading in an Apple handset and 21.29 per cent upgrading from a Samsung smartphone.

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“It was amazing to see that over 40% of the HTC One M8 owners had upgraded from an Apple or Samsung device. Data we collected over a month through the phone recycling checkout suggests a much bigger churn of brands than we would have estimated,” Turner added.