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Mobile app of the day: Mailbox

If you're anything like me, you use your inbox as a bit of a to-do list manager. Emails are only filed when they are dealt with, and until that time they are variously marked as read or unread. With some emails not requiring action for a while and others requiring action within a few days, the inbox gets a regular sweep. It's a reasonably efficient process, but it does take time, and time is something I'd rather spend doing other things than going through my inbox.

Enter Mailbox – it's an app that works with Gmail and iCloud, with other email platforms set to join in soon. Dropbox (which owns Mailbox) is used to store and sync email preferences across devices. You can swipe messages to the archive or trash, which is cathartic, but you can also "snooze" them, to deal with them later. If you have to deal with that email from a friend this evening, and that note from you sister at the weekend, but want them out of sight right now, then you can snooze them.

Lists are used to organise emails – just as you would use mailboxes in other email apps. You can put everything to do with holidays in one place, for example. Heck, the app even purports to learn from your previous actions, automatically snoozing messages from friends until after work, for example. The ultimate goal of a totally clean inbox might be possible with Mailbox.

Click here to download Mailbox for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Mailbox

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free