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Information will never be completely secure in data centres, so encrypt it

Amlin CTO Steve O'Donnell knows enterprise storage inside-out, and he spilled the beans when he recently popped into ITProPortal Towers.

The world has - rightly - gone mad for Edward Snowden's damning NSA and GCHQ leaks, and Steve is firmly in the whistleblower's camp, saying that the government agencies' activities were completely out of order.

"Mr Snowden deserves a medal," he said. "This is a free world. I live in a free world and I intend to continue living in a free world."

According to Steve, there are backdoors in everything, and IT people need to come around to this way of thinking. It is wiser and healthier to imagine that absolutely no information stored in data centres is completely secure, regardless of the protective measures used.

Steve reckons that encryption and big data analytics can really "harden up" the data centre. Check out the video above to find out how.

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