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Mark Zuckerberg gets waxed by Madame Tussauds

Mark Zuckerberg has been called many things – but a dummy generally isn't one of them. However, he is indisputably a dummy now; a wax one in Madame Tussauds.

This isn't the museum in London, mind you; rather he'll live in a new branch of the museum over in San Francisco (which opens this June – Zuck has just been unveiled as part of a promo event, though).

Zuckerberg's wax-alike is dressed in his trademark hoodie, and wearing jeans with bare feet, perched on a chair in a lotus position, all hip and casual looking. He has an unmarked silver notebook in his lap, as you can see in the image above (courtesy of Mashable).

And fair play to Madame Tussauds – the resemblance is a good one, with every detail apparently replicated down to the last freckle. His hair is real, too, and was grafted onto the model a single strand at a time (which must have made for some entertaining Facebook status updates for the wax artists – twenty of them created Zuck, taking between three and four months).

If Zuckerberg ever goes bald fretting about what his latest major acquisition has cost him, maybe he'll be able to borrow his wax friend's locks somehow.

Previous tech luminaries inducted into the Tussauds wax hall of fame include Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Image Credit: Mashable