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Mobile app of the day: Dictate!

It always feels a bit like magic when I speak into a microphone and have editable, typed words appear on my laptop screen thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking. Nuance, the maker of Dragon Naturally Speaking, is active in the smartphone space, and you can use the speech-to-text option that's native to Android for dictating too.

But Dictate! might still have a place on your handset. It is a standalone speech-to-text app that can be used to create notes by talking to your phone, and you can organise these notes into folders, then synchronise them to SkyDrive. It is available on a range of platforms, including Windows Phone. In the Windows Phone version you can even pin notes to the Start screen.

Once notes have been created they can be shared, for example by email. If you are not a fan of the small keyboard on your handset, Dictate! could be worth a look. Note that while the Android version is free to download and try out, you'll need to make an in-app purchase to get past 20 recordings.

Click here to download Dictate! for Android, and here for Windows Phone.

Product: Dictate!

OS: Android, Windows Phone

Price: £1.49