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Nokia scrapped tablet PC in 2001 after 1,000 units were produced

Nokia cancelled an early tablet effort that would have predated the arrival of Apple’s iPad and may have even given it an early foothold in what is now a market dominated Apple and Android tablet manufacturers.

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The Finnish firm made the significant boob back in 2001 when it produced a 10in touch screen PC that years ahead of Apple’s iPad and might have cemented its reputation in that part of the device’s market.

Digitoday, which has all the information on the tablet, stated that the Nokia M510 used an early version of Nokia’s Symbian OS entitled Epoc. It came complete with an email and calendar client as well as a simplified version of the Opera web browser to allow users to access webpages.

Under the hood there was 32MB of RAM as well as 32MB of flash memory, a 10in touch screen with an 800 x 600 resolution in addition to various buttons on either side of the screen to control some of the device’s functions.

The M510 weighed in at a fairly hefty 4.14lb and the battery lasted for a paltry four hours, something that would have been improved later on if the tablet had indeed found its way onto the consumer market.

Most of the 1,000 tablets that were produced have been destroyed and the only people that still have one of the devices were those that worked on the tablet, who all got to keep one unit each – the thinking that there are now just 130 tablets in existence.

Nokia’s tablet would have been released some nine years before the Apple iPad first landed in the US in April 2010 and since then it has gone on to sell over 170 million units and changed the personal computing landscape forever.

Image Credit: DigiTimes