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Pinterest adds Guided Search to put smile on advertisers’ faces

Pinterest is changing the way users interact with the service through a new expanded search feature that is designed to make it simpler to find content tailored to your interests.

Guided Search returns a list of Pinterest tiles for each search that are popular among other users of the service according to the hashtags that have been applied to images or boards by other users.

“It’s made for exploring, whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting to look around. There are more than 750 million boards with 30 billion Pins hand-picked by travelers, foodies, and other Pinners, so the right idea is just a few taps away,” stated a blog post from the company.

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The new service also allows various additional keywords to narrow down the search in order for it to be more focused to what the user requires.

Guided Search was the largest of the three announcements that the company made at its HQ with the mobile app gaining additional capabilities when it comes to adding custom categories in order to make it easier to personalise interests. Until now the service had limited users to choosing from 32 original categories that have been a part of the app since its launch.

Lastly, the company added improvements to related pins that now display relevant information under 90 per cent of the pins that are on the network.

The Verge speculates that the new enhancements will appeal more to advertisers than to consumers and will help it to kick-start its efforts to raise cash from companies looking to advertise on the service.

The company’s latest update follows a new tool called Interests released back in January that provides a full page of topics based on pinned items with everything geared towards assisting users in gaining the best experience possible.