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6 of the best Android productivity apps

Want to be more productive with your Android device? Then the apps we've lined up here will certainly help you in that cause. They include a small selection of office utilities, naturally, and some other apps to help you better manage your time, as well as sync your files across devices.

Read on for our small selection of top notch Android productivity offerings...

RescueTime (free)

It can be hard to buckle down and get work done on your Android device, especially when there are so many great games just begging for your attention. Enter RescueTime, which tracks everything you do on your Android hardware, and delivers reports about how much time you spent productively and how much time you spent on Candy Crush. The design is a bit wonky, but it's a powerful and very useful tool.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (£5.95)

Creating and editing documents on your mobile device still isn't as easy as on your desktop or laptop, but OfficeSuite Pro comes close. It supports most Microsoft Office files and PDFs, so you can quickly create and edit PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents wherever you are.

It also integrates with cloud services, putting all your documents at your fingertips.

Polaris Office (free)

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this mobile office app is the price tag: Free. With full support for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, it's a juggernaut among office apps.

However, it only supports a few devices and only works with Dropbox – no Google Drive. If it can work for you, give it a spin. For more details, read our Polaris Office review.

Quickoffice (free)

Creating and editing documents in Google Drive is easy, unless they happen to be Microsoft Office documents. Enter Quickoffice, which serves as a highly capable bridge between Office and Google Drive.

It supports Word and Excel and is perhaps the best mobile editor for PowerPoint I've yet seen. It's got a limited scope, but it's great at what it does. For more details, read our Quickoffice review.

SugarSync (free)

Not just another cloud service, SugarSync can automatically backup all your photos and videos from your Android device to a free 5GB online account.

In addition to the standard sharing, syncing between devices, and a very nice interface, it's one of the best cloud storage services out there. You need to try this one.

Adobe Reader (free)

Many apps will open PDFs, but Adobe Reader lets you mark-up documents and even make changes. If you find yourself having to fill out a lot of electronic forms, or reading long academic texts, this app is for you. With a $10 (£6) per month subscription, you can convert any file to a PDF through the app.

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