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Amazon withdraws in-app purchases on ComiXology iOS app

In a bid to avoid paying transaction fees to Google and Apple, Amazon has removed in-app purchases on the ComiXology iOS app and updated payment options on Android.

Amazon acquired ComiXology recently, and in a move that has irked fans of the digital comics service, the online retail giant has stopped allowing in-app purchases of comics from within the iOS app.

The move is intended to prevent Apple from collecting 30 percent of each purchase, something it has done with in-app purchasessince 2011. Instead of buying within the app, customers will now have to make purchases via the ComiXology website. Purchases will then sync with the app once the user opens it, much like e-books on Amazon's Kindle for iOS app.

Additionally, the change removes the ability for users to be notified about sales via the app itself. To learn about those, iOS comic fans will now have to sign up for ComiXology's newsletter.

As for Android app users, they'll still be able to make in-app purchases within the Comics app. However, they'll no longer be able pay using Google Wallet. Shoppers will have to register a credit card or a Paypal account with ComiXology directly.

To sweeten what's sure to be an irritating process for some, ComiXology is offering a promotion for those who upgrade to the latest iterations of the iOS and Android Comics apps.

"Last, but not least, to thank our loyal customers and ease this transition, we are offering a $5 eGift Card credit to all those who have purchased through the comiXology platform in the past," the company said in a blog post. "This credit will be automatically applied throughout the day to those accounts who are eligible and all of those eligible have 30 days to purchase books with that credit. Enjoy."

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