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LG G3 spotted, first glimpse of the rear of the phone

Do you want to see the back of the LG G3? We don't mean are you sick of the handset already – but literally, do you want to see what the rear of the phone looks like? Well in that case, just cast your eyes over the image above.

This is a picture of the back of the G3 as posted online by GSM Arena. It's not the clearest of images, but it's a good enough view of the rear complete with camera and other bits and bobs.

It's the latter which are the most interesting, as with its new flagship, LG is apparently keeping those rear-mounted buttons, as seen on the LG G2 (for volume and power). The really interesting bit, though, is the fact that there's some kind of sensor next to the camera – so it looks as if LG is following its rivals, and introducing some kind of health (heart rate) sensor, or fingerprint sensor.

The scribbled notes behind the handset in the above pic also indicate that the phone will come in 16GB and 32GB variants (no surprises there), and "2GB / 3GB" is also written in the background – presumably referring to the amount of RAM, and two different models? That's a bit of an odd one, and we'll just have to see.

Recent speculation has also pointed to the G3 having a large 5.5in screen with a massive 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, which will certainly be quite a display (530 ppi compared to 441 ppi on the new Galaxy S5).

We'll hopefully find out soon enough, as the LG G3 has previously had a May launch date rumoured – that may be optimistic, though, and other speculation has pointed to later in the summer.

Image Credit: GSM Arena