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Tech News Weekly Podcast 14: Tech's greatest betrayals, a CCTV network run by AI, and Google's new "superstate"

On the Tech News Weekly podcast this week, we discuss the new human surveillance system completely controlled by Artificial Intelligence. What part does technology have to play in the discussion around world earth day this week? Plus a look at some of the Tech Industry's biggest betrayals and whether Google is building a superstate that threatens the future of Europe.

Joining Wayne Scott on the podcast this week, Tom Phelan, Aatif Sulleyman and Paul Cooper.

Paul Cooper starts us off, looking at AISight, the slightly creepy CCTV system completely run by AI. While it might sound like the plot of a dystopian sci-fi novel, or the TV show Person of Interest, this is very real, and being implemented currently in cities like Boston. AISight will even be used by Brazil for security in the upcoming World Cup.

Next Tom Phelan takes up the baton, telling us what the latest technology is doing to help the environment in honour of World Earth Day. Tom tells us what London has been doing to alleviate problems like smog, and how technology is making London a greener, smarter city going into the future.

Then we're on to Aatif Sulleyman, who takes us through some of the tech world's greatest betrayals. From Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt to Google Chrome, the original iPhone and Google poaching Android from Apple. Not to mention the shocking story of how Microsoft got a massive leg-up from IBM back in the 80s with some dirty dealings.

Finally we talk about Google, and the recent remarks by a German newspaper magnate that Google is running a "protection racket" designed to build its own digital "superstate". Is a Luddite conspiracy theory or something with a bit more credibility? We take a look at the facts so you can make up your own mind.

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