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Twitter tests new "significant engagement" user alert

Twitter is testing a new feature on its iOS and Android apps designed to alert you whenever your fellow Twitter users, fans, and followers are responding to your posts more than they otherwise might.

The new option, dubbed "significant engagement," sends you a little notification whenever Twitter detects "important or higher than usual engagement with your account or tweets."

The problem? The feature isn't for everyone. According to The Next Web, the tweak is only currently available for Twitter's verified users. In other words, likely not you — and certainly not to this article's writer, much to his chagrin.

If you're one of the fancier ones who have access to the option within Twitter's Settings menu, you'll note that it's automatically on by default. If Twitter detects that a particular post of yours is beyond the norm for whatever it defines as engagement — certainly favorites, but likely retweets as well, we'd assume — then a notification will pop up that indicates which tweet is getting more audience responses and what, exactly, is happening. It also gives users an easy means by which they can launch Twitter's app and go about their social networking.

While the feature certainly seems useful for those who care about increased engagement, it remains to be seen whether Twitter will actually roll out the feature to all Twitter users. As The Next Web notes, Twitter often tests features that never get a full rollout.

If you're one of the "common users" of Twitter who is a bit bummed that you won't get a quick notification whenever legions of other Twitter folk enjoy your stuff, you could always try signing up for Twitter's "achievement bird" service to receive direct messages whenever noteworthy things happen to your Twitter account. To use one example, the @achievementbird account will send you a message if a particular tweet of yours has a ton more favorites than your tweets normally do.

To get started, follow the @achievementbird account on Twitter. When it friends you back, it'll have direct access to whatever statistics it can glean from your feed.

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