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IBM opens new cloud marketplace to market its full range of products

IBM has announced a new cloud services marketplace that brings all of its cloud applications under one roof so that it can showcase its wide range of software, IT management apps and developer tools.

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The app store is arranged into three different sections that cover business users, corporate IT administrators and developers with just 25 per cent of the apps in the store able to be procured directly from the marketplace.

“It’s a combination of app store and marketing brochure,” stated Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Cloud Platforms, according to the Wall Street Journal.

IBM confirmed that clients can access a full range of IBM-as-a-service applications, IBM’s Bluemix platform-as-a-service and the SoftLater infrastructure-as-a-service, as well as various third party cloud services.

Customers using the service will be able to buy cloud offerings through the portal by using a PC or other smart device and can use a credit card to pay for any of the apps that have the option to be purchased from the store directly.

The main aim of the new marketplace is to gather all of its cloud products, as well as third party offerings, in one place and make it easier for customers to discover and try them out before purchasing.

Some of the third party partners that have already signed up to collaborate include Ustream, M2Mi, Deep DB, Flow Search Corp, Sonian, Redis Labs, Zend and SendGrid. IBM will sell, invoice and procure payment for any services sold through the marketplace and charges a fee to its partners that use the marketplace.

Currently the only companies that will be accepted on the marketplace are those that run services on IBM SoftLayer thus meaning those searching for tools that run on other cloud platforms will be left disappointed.