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New Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri plots acquisitions, patent deals and big, fat growth

Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has declared that it has plenty of cash to splash, but is in no rush to do so.

Following the sale of its devices and services unit to Microsoft for €5.4 billion (£4.6 billion), the company is in a position where it can strengthen by making acquisitions of its own.

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New CEO Rajeev Suri said, "In terms of larger players, if there is something that makes sense, of course I will recommend that to the board," according to Reuters. "But it needs to make sense, it needs to be a wisely thought-out thing."

Suri also sees patent licensing agreements as potentially good for growth but was keen to stress that the company is happy for the time being.

"We will be open to the opportunities but [there's] no need to rush," he added.

Earlier this week, thousands of Nokia staff made the move over to Microsoft, flooding Twitter with celebratory selfies in the process.

Microsoft also released its first Nokia commercial, entitled "not Like Everybody Else", during which a brightly-dressed Nokia device owner walks through a black-and-white street, attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

The slogan, "Everything just became a lot more #colorful" then flashes up onto the screen before thew main character bumps into another Nokia consumer.

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Check it out - along with one of Nokia's more controversial adverts - via the link above.