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Samsung baits developers with $1.25 million bribe as profits tumble

Basking in the glory of its quarterly results, a generous Samsung is offering a $1.25 million (£743,000) prize pot for wearables developers wishing to design apps for its Tizen mobile operating system.

The cash prize may be a surprise to some, after news that Samsung's profits have fallen in Q1 by a weighty 3.3 per cent.

Tizen is not currently installed an any Samsung device, but the Korean company recently announced that the operating system will find its home on the next generation of Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

The Galaxy Gear App Challenge, then, is an attempt by Samsung to attract talented developer interest in Tizen and to generate a froth of exciting apps for its new system. According to a post on Samsung's developer website, this is the first in a series of app challenges that will take place throughout 2014.

This particular challenge will begin on 8 May, taking place across the world in the form of hackathons and developer events.

It's a smart move by Samsung, which clearly realises that developer interest is a key ingredient in its operating system's success. By enticing developers now to create apps for its wearable technology movement, it sets up a group of professionals it can call upon when it releases Tizen smartphones during 2014.

With the market dominated by Android and iOS, Tizen will need excellent apps to compete with the established giants. For more, see why Samsung needs to shift from Android to Tizen.