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Samsung’s Tizen smartphone on the way in May

Samsung will unveil its first smartphone based on the Tizen OS next month in the shape of a device that will look like a copy of the Galaxy S4 and get its retail release in the summer.

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Tizen Indonesia posted a new blog that states the Korean company will release the smartphone in Russia next month with a launch event that will signal the first time that a Tizen smartphone is available to consumers.

An official from Samsung told the site that a Tizen smartphone is critical, as it will assist the convergence between all electronic devices that function on the Samsung-owned OS, which includes the recently released Tizen smartwatches.

Russia will be the first to get the device before it gets its roll out in Brazil and other developing countries thus following Samsung’s strategy to target countries where the smartphone market is still developing in order for there to be a better chance of success for the OS.

The launch of the Galaxy S4-esque device will be the first of two Tizen smartphones this year, if earlier comments are anything to go by, with one a high-end smartphone and the other a mid-range device.

Tizen is already a part of the Samsung group of products after the company decided to use the OS to power its latest trio of smartwatches that will work together with the Tizen smartphone as well as Samsung’s raft of Android OS smartphones.

A major part of Samsung’s planning is to develop its own user experience on the new class of devices and the decision to make a small move away from Android isn’t thought to have been completely motivated by a break from Google’s control.

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All eyes will now be on Russia next month for the launch of the Tizen smartphone and a first real peek at how well the OS works on a smartphone.