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Whitepaper: 6 barriers to cloud, and how a converged system helps overcome them

Interest in the cloud is sky-high. You understand that "the cloud" can help your business become more agile, cost-effective, and innovative. In fact, your business is probably among the 81 per cent of businesses that expect to deploy cloud architecture in the next five years.

Despite the potential benefits, your considerable concerns may delay or even stop you from adopting cloud in your own business today. If so, you're not alone: only 10 per cent of businesses have deployed a private cloud; even fewer have been able to achieve a hybrid cloud.

There's no need to walk away from the benefits of cloud environment. In fact, utilising a pre-integrated, converged cloud system can alleviate your concerns and help you quickly and easily realise the benefits you need.

Let's look at six common objections to the cloud and how the right converged cloud system can overcome them.